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Stories from Chapter 1 & 2

Thinking back in my past childhood, I had a vivid premonition about my best friend Susan, and her mother, years before my operation experience. It happened when I was in my bedroom preparing to meet with my friend Susan. We would usually meet at her house and then walk down the hill and sit on the curb waiting for more friends to show up. The premonition began by getting flashes, scenes of trouble. As the scenes were flashing before me, I sat immobile on the edge of my bed. I saw the Grim Reaper, the black-cloaked, scythe-wielding personification of death.

Jesus flashed before me and I heard him say, “My child, you will help save someone's life today. Fear not and know that I am with you.”

I then felt the warmth of the sun shining through the window of my bedroom on my face. The vision of the premonition continued and I saw myself and Susan sitting on the curb of the street not far from her house. While she was talking to me, I saw Jesus flash in front of us. Then, a vision of Susan's house appeared with the door wide open. I saw myself look through the door seeing Susan's mother lying stretched out on the floor. All the rooms in her house flashed before me showing me that no one was in the house to help her.

I heard Jesus say, “It is time for you to depart now and go to help the girl's mother. I will be there.”

The premonition ended with a jolt to my body. I dismissed the vision and went outside to meet Susan. We went down the street and sat on the curb and began to talk when Jesus flashed before me.

I immediately reached for my friend's hands and clasped them into mine, “Your mother is in danger, we have to leave now.”

We got up from the curb and ran hurriedly up the hill to her house as fast as we could. It was summertime and there was a slight breeze in the air, but the sun was intense, bright, and unpleasant that day. It was very humid. As we ran up the hill to her house, our clothing dripped in sweat by the time we got to the front door. When we entered her house we found her mother lying motionless in shock on the floor between the living room and dining area, just as I had seen in my premonition.

My friend screamed out, “She is in diabetic shock! I have to find her insulin! You get a glass of orange juice from the refrigerator and call the ambulance. Move quickly!”

I did as she said without hesitation but first dialed zero for the telephone operator assistance to report the incident, that we needed medical help immediately. We didn't have 911 at that time. Afterwards, I got the orange juice from the refrigerator. I saw that my hands had begun to tremble from nervousness. I knelt down on the floor by Susan's mother while she preceded to give her mom the insulin shot. Gently, I put the glass of orange juice to her lips hoping that she could swallow.

Susan said, “Watch that she doesn't swallow her tongue.”

With prayer in my thoughts, my silent response was, “Oh Jesus, we need Your help.”

I looked down at her mother. My eyes gazed across her face seeing her wavy shoulder length ash blond 1950's styled hair that was dampened by the sweat seeping from her forehead and face. Her body was in shock. I continued trying to feed her the juice, when suddenly, her body began to shake all over. My eyes looked into Susan's. I had the feeling of fright when our eyes met one another. I then heard the ambulance siren's loud prolonged sound, the signal of warning approaching the house.

“Thank the Lord,” I prayed silently.

The medics came rushing through the door with their equipment. Susan and I immediately stepped aside to give them room to help her mother.

They steadily performed medical treatment on Susan's mom when I heard one of the medics say to the other, “We're losing her.”

I was fixated on the two men while standing on the right side of Susan's mother. My attention was drawn to the sunlight that was shining brightly from the living room to the top of her head.

In thought, I called out to Jesus and asked, “Where are You Lord? We need You, she's dying!”

I felt His presence, which was so comforting. It was so intensely powerful that I intuitively knew He was going to make an appearance.

In the brilliance of sunlight He appeared. He stood at the head of her body with His arms stretched out from His side with the palms of His hands upward. The light from His aura was very bright and radiant around His body.

As the light showered over Susan's mother, one of the medics said, “I am getting a heartbeat now! Let's get her onto the gurney and to the hospital ASAP (as soon as possible).”

I looked into Jesus' eyes of love and grace as He said, “It is done!”

The medics were wheeling her out the front door as Susan walked towards me and wrapped her arms around me sobbing like a baby.

Between sobs she said, “It was the will of a merciful God that my mom's life was saved today.”



The Grocery Store


The Lord God blessed me with a highly gifted intuitive nature and I wish to give it away by sharing it with others. I was very sensitive to the 'vibe' of other people, of total strangers, and even situations surrounding them. When I was in crowds or noisy places with either of my parents it had an effect on me. I could hear people's thoughts and perceive their feelings and even know what God wanted for them, though I was very shy about communicating with others.

I recall one particular lady that worked as a cashier in the grocery store where my mom bought her groceries. Every time we went there, the lady was the same cranky, grumpy, and disgruntled soul, spreading negativity to every person she came into contact with. I mentioned it to my mom and she told me that it was something I would have to expect to see in people from time to time. That was difficult for me to accept.

On the next occasion, when we went grocery shopping at the same store, my mother went up to the disgruntled lady cashier to pay. I could see gloom and depression in her face as was before.

I heard God say to me, “Tell her God and Jesus loves you and all will be okay.”

She noticed that I was staring at her. She gave me a slight smile but I didn't let up on my stare and she stared back.

I then blurted out to her, “God told me to tell you that He and Jesus loves you and all will be okay.”

She suddenly became motionless, unable to say anything. She looked down at me.

With tears in her eyes and a softness in her voice she said, “Thank you so much for the message. It means everything to me.”

Whatever was going on in her life, this was an answer to her prayers. My mom looked at me with surprise at what I had just done but backed it up with a loving touch by putting her arm around my shoulder. She understood the risk I had taken in conveying God's message and she knew my connection to God to be true.

As we left, she turned back saying to the lady, “Have a wonderful day.”

I took a deep breath of ease as my mom and I walked hand-in-hand out of the store knowing that God's grace had a magnificent effect on the lady. It was breathtaking to watch God's love and light envelop the cashier lady's entire body, heart, and soul, leaving the effect of serenity and peace on her face. She no longer looked grumpy, depressed, or disgruntled but right with the world.

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