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Soul Travel In Heaven


See received messages from Jesus and the Chosen below this discription...


Standing before my own body, in the once cold operating room, I realized that I did not feel the chill in the air. As I thought about this new experience, a question came to me. Is this etheric body my soul?


I heard a voice that surrounded the room say, “Yes, it is the image of your soul.”


I didn't know what to think when this answer came. Was I now dead? I could only understand that I had to allow and accept what ever came next. A unique and rare phenomenon of soul travel was occurring. It was truly amazing to be alive in two forms of body and see one physical and the other an etheric body that had no more pain, no feelings of hurt or aching anymore. It felt even more freeing than my prior travels of the soul. I felt less attached to this earthly realm and more connected to what was happening in the spirit.


I felt serenity and peace in my surroundings when I heard my family's thoughts. Instantly there was an ethereal sound wave akin to a loud intense wind that was switched on and then immediately turned off again as I was whisked away. I found myself in the hospital cafeteria in a split second. This was soul travel at the speed of light and it wasn't my idea.


Hello everyone. My name is JD Cross and I would like to introduce my book “Soul Travel in Heaven - The Day I Died," that is in paperback or ebook on This  is my story of a Near-Death Experience (NDE) where I died during an operation. I have also included stories of my spiritual journey from childhood into adulthood that include gifts from God that I believe most people have in one way or another but may not have discovered or developed them yet. I don't believe you are reading this by chance. You may be seeking to understand and/or increase your understanding of God's gifts and that is where my book helps. I include examples of my gifts so you can look within and find your own. The story of my near-death experience is a small part of my spirit-driven life. Enjoy this NDE story but know that there's more to the spirit world than short stories. Join me in exploring what God has created and can awaken in those who are honest, open minded, and willing. I welcome you. See a couple of my received Messages from Heaven below.

I am a Seer in the Christ Light. Jesus left mankind with the Christ Force and some, as with myself, were born into seeing and receiving in the Spirit. Jesus comes with His Chosen and sits with me. I write all things I hear and see. I have included a few messages I received from Jesus and the Chosen that are in the prophecy books on Amazon. These are not predictions. All messages that God gives through Jesus are Warnings & Insights:



Intuitive Message Received

By JD Cross

24 August 2015


Apostle John Speaks


Welcome to the Circle of Light. It is I, Apostle John, who was the keeper of the Circle of Light. My Lord Jesus was speaking to us (his disciples) of the many different walks of life that the people have chosen to live. I said to Him, “Who tells you these things my Lord.” He looked at me without a smile but in the warmth of heart and said, “A child knows from within to take their first step. A child knows there first word. A child knows its cry and laugh. It is in the simple ways of looking within that we find our way to thy Father's house of many mansions. He makes no demands in knowing Him. He asks nothing for Himself. He gives willingly of the Spirit to behold its essence of its likeness. That which it is not, exists outside of it. Behold the Spirit of thy Father and its return is plentiful, three-fold and many more (we spiritually get far more than we give). Liken to you, John, who persists in looking inside yourself to know who you are. To find unpleasantry in yourself and your neighbor (judging self and others), you walk in a circle (in other words: you go round and round) seeking for the truth and being of life and everlasting. For God's Light is not within that circle. He that lighteth His word, speaks not of earthly wants or desires. In purpose and will of Gods Holy Spirit is found love for all, not for a selected few (even your enemies). lighteth your circle with God's Light, not that of your making. Let the Light of God's Heavens light your Circle of Life. Look within the seat of the heart, love. I can show all of you the way to thy Father's house of many mansions. It is of each of you that has to walk its path in His namesake. Ponder my words to you and let the Light of His love be with (you) forever." (This is what Jesus said to His disciples but also says it to us as well.)


In Christ Jesus

Intuitive Message Received

By JD Cross

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Jesus Speaks

Blessed child, be still and know that you are never alone for I am always with you. The Christ Force is with you and its Rod and Staff shield you from ALL that is not of the Christ. Listen to what I say for within the Spoken Words the key (love) is written and shall unlock many doors. Know this, I am the Lord Christ Jesus. My heart shall be your blanket of warmth that heals the wounds tarnished with scars. 

In My Father's house are many mansions with teachings, read from His Book, [about] the creation of life. In the dimensions of time, the Life-Force of God breathed His Holy Breath that created an image of His likeness, the Spirit. His will was birthed within the essence of time. His love, the likeness of His image, was birthed within His heart. Love, pure and divine, with a supreme intelligence the Christ. I awaken in you this Christ Light to perform God's Will on earth as it is heaven. This journey is a path that you had chosen in heaven, a mission on earth in service to the Father God. Understand, that within time, the arts of the Christ Light prevail ALL. Fallen beings of the Light were cast out of God's mansions that created its will to have dominion over God's will. The soul of Spirit was birthed. The Christ is a powerful essence of God that will be given to you to write in this next book. The Lost Books of the Apostles and the Essenes will be revealed in this Book of Diaries as will the teachings of the Prophets. 

My angel child, the time has come for our Father to be heard. Throughout the ages His words have been spoken in command to direct the people out of blindness. The people have created war after war over rulership. It destroyed the spirit of mankind in believing in God and in loving their neighbor as God loves His children. Their worship has grown to feed upon the wicked ways of this earth that holds them in bondage to its creation. God's Heavenly Kingdom will prevail in earth and in Heaven. Darkness will not shadow the Light of the Christ. It is our Father who resides within the Spirit of creation. It is His love divine that we, His children, are created in the image of, for, His will to be done on earth as it is in the heavenly realms. 

Peace and good will be done

In the name of the Christ Jesus



Intuitive Message Received

By JD Cross

17 December 2015


Moses Speaks


The day is of the Christ in spirit and soul. Life is the beauty within to the heights of the sky. The wind is calming and there lingers a stillness. Walk with me to enter a Oneness in thy Lord Jesus the Christ.


My child, this is Moses this night to give unto you the direction that thy Father has enlightened in your heart to give guidance of the Holiness, His heart. In writing His story, keep the orderliness within the direction of the path that shall unfold as a book turns page to page, front to back. The cover of the book shall be a softness in capturing the eye of the reader. The cross, it shall bear the Oneness of the Lord Jesus the Christ.


Seek the kingdom of God's heavenly realms as you travel in your thought. Your heart directed within the Spirit of divine love. There is no wonderment that shall guide you (we won't have to wonder about the directions given). It shall be in the affirmation of faith and belief. To believe in the Christ and Christed is the foundation of this book, the Diaries of the Holy of Holies. The forgotten books of the Essenes.


In the serenity of peace and good will, the knowingness within a soul shall be awakened within you. Step one, have faith and believe within yourself of the power of the Christ and its kingdom within mankind's soul to be. The heavens opened in the sky and God revealed Himself, the Christ, to me. My eyes laid upon the Oneness of thy Lord Jesus (God revealed Jesus to Moses at the same time He revealed Moses to them).


Within the personality of all peoples lies dimensions of itself. Its patterns unfold making itself known to the soul within its human nature, its awareness is conscious state of being. The desire to know itself far beyond times existence. The lost books lie within each soul. Its Book of Life, from the beginning to the end of its journey, only to begin again.


A veil separates the soul and Spirit, the veil of experience and desire to be all that it desires to be. My child, this is not a riddle nor a disguise. It is within faith that the divine love of thy Father unfolds the awareness for the soul to desire in God's will for it to have birthed the Holy Breath of Life. My child, knoweth that in a whisper there lies the truth. In the calmness of a soul lies the faith and, in the strength of peace, goodwill spreads its essence permeating in all things. In every second of an hour, a day repeats its desire to be, to know from whence it comes. The burning returns, yearns within every soul. Its quest shall never be forgotten because it laid its imprint of its existence within its self. The physical body is but a house to house the soul. I say unto you my child, in the simplicity of all things a Oneness exists because that is thy Father's will to be. A holiness of His Spirit that is within each soul.


Let your eyes and your ears be open to see and hear the calling of thy Father's will be done in earth as it is in Heaven. Each chapter of the book will tell the story of its message. Simplicity of heart and soul lights the pathway for God's will to be done. My faith in heart was sorely tried in belief, to believe in thy Father the Christ. Always seek first the kingdom of Heaven.


May the Christ be with you

In God thy Father I Am That I Am

Forever eternal,




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