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Message 5 June 2021 at 5 PM

JESUS came to Julie while she was washing dishes and I was editing our most recent prophecy book. Julie called me over to where she was standing in the kitchen. Three apostles (Peter, Matthew, and John), Archangels Michael and Gabriel and all the Archangels, the Heavenly Host, and Moses were with Him. Julie was overjoyed and could immediately feel His presence. Julie turned to see Jesus smiling.


He was wearing a white robe that touched His feet. Jesus had a wooden Cross on a link chain flowing from around His neck to the middle of His breastbone up to His heart. The large Cross changed into Light: The hand carved Cross took on God’s Light. On His right hand index finger was the Ring of the Trinity. This is through spiritual knowledge that we knew what the ring was.


Jesus anointed Julie and me to engage in spiritual warfare. Jesus said that He will return and ended with: IT IS DONE. The details of this message will be placed in one of our next books.



Trump is speaking in a few minutes. We forgot about it but her friend Hope who is a general in SWAN called to remind us. Julie said, “Isn’t it something that Jesus came to us and President Trump will speak soon.” Julie saw Jesus and He raised His arms outward. It’s no coincidence.


We have been destroying demons and weakening the peoples’ agendas against patriots who want freedom and liberty for the greater good of all. We pick out areas of concern daily and visualize destroying demons who give them power. We never do warfare against people. We show love but have no requirement to like what they do.



Excerpt of Message 30 May 2021 at 11:28 AM

My dearest child of the Light of Christ. It is I, Moses, the Circle of Twelve, God’s Heavenly Host above, the Holy of Holies Essenes , the Archangels Michael and Gabriel. My child our hearts of divine love are within you. Let not your heart be without God’s forever Essence of love and property in all things. His Healing Rays are with and around you always. The Kingdom of Heaven is open to all people who so ever believes as Jesus the Christ said, “Your heart shall tell you the true story of the awakening of the Christ within you, for it is your heart that speaks the truth of your Oneness with God. I am the way, the truth, and the Light. If that were not so, I would not tell you.“

My child, I, Moses, speak of this because the lost souls upon earth who wander around to create in this world of earth, at this present day, illusions of false hope within a material world. (Political and governmental promises and policies that tell all citizens the changes implemented will make things better. Not true under a socialistic/communistic structure.) You see this in their means and ways in supporting life to their personal Beingness (personal belief system down to their core). What is occurring this moment around the globe world, our souls, people fighting the Christ Force of Life. (Julie took a break.)


12:47 PM

My child, it is always a joy being with you. Let us continue where we left off. The people around the globe earth world, souls live, creating illusions of life, the Christ Force. (We are co-creators, mimicking God’s Heaven. Many create the illusion of God, but, in reality, it’s man made and self-serving attempts at creation.) They use it for, my child, the Light, the goodness of the Holy Spirit, not only within them but outside of them; they take great pleasure in distorting the truth and prosperity of our Father God, Jesus the Christ. Jesus so demonstrated this when He walked through many cities and towns on earth. He spoke of the world of illusion and how it takes from the truth in life to formulate a life of illusion not everlasting. It feeds upon itself to create its world of mere destruction.


My child this is what is alive and living upon earth now, the war between the two worlds of life. It is narrow thinking (narrow minded) to believe in an illusion that has no substance of prosperity within it. The Biden administration is constant momentum in creating illusions of belief systems to control humanity, to control the economy, to control their allies. The list goes on and on. A fools paradise, his or hers, is only an illusion. The Life Force does not live within it. In truth, this has been going on since the beginning of mankind’s existence upon earth. It is not of God’s creation. As I gaze upon the world of earth, it saddens me to know that all people have been subjected to a takeover of truth, Divine essence within the soul. In many, many years past, the people of the earth were in constant destruction between one another. The physical life was at battle with the spiritual life. This is what is happening now: the battle between the two worlds. This cannot be ignored nor pretended it isn’t happening. Lucifer takes great pleasure in this occurrence. It creates and divides. It seeks pleasure to destroy goodness, to destroy truth, to destroy love…


The people around the world will be forced to choose, to make a decision in freedom and liberty for all people. People will be forced to see the ‘how and when’ of living life for the greater good. This administration of Biden’s is the administration of the United Nations Order. This order, overtime, has fought many battles within the nations to gain control and secure its means and ways to thrive over each nation and its people. The UN is not of God’s essence and prosperity upon earth, but the people must not claim its elusive beliefs. When they do, the UN takes control over their life and its nation. This activity has its movement worldwide. Wake up, see with clarity of mind and heart; see the motivation of ill will within the United Nations. It is a world within itself. It has entrapment of compartments within its world. It is not of God, Divine Beingness.


You will begin to see that President Trump is forging forward to battle the UN and its takeover of the United States. He is a Spiritual Warrior of God’s movement. The war between the states will and has begun to fight the fight to save the pursuit of happiness, peace and joy, and liberty in God we trust! Be steadfast, I say to all people, in knowing God has not forsaken you. Keep your faces centered in His direction for the greater good of life to continue its purpose of Divinity, to live and have its Beingness on earth as it is in Heaven. Raise the physical mind out of darkness into the Light of God. In peace eternally forever more, Moses.


My child continue Spiritual Warfare and [the] Spiritual Prayer Line, the forces of God’s Archangels to lead, with you in battle and prayer. Be not weakened into the physical world. The Divine Powers are within the Beingness of God’s Life Force of the Christ. Know it and its reality in the Divinity of Truth upon the earth planet. Remember Jesus’ words, “As above, that I am before you.” Unite heaven and earth. The demons live a life that is of their world. It is not of God’s Heavenly world. Understand this, a demonic world has a creative life force. It is not of God, nor did it come through God. It creates illusions, a likeness of itself, to capture souls into its world, its life. When you stand before it, face-to-face, fear not. Let God’s Life Force burn its Rays of Life to destroy and burn to ashes its demonic beingness into nothingness. Stand always in the Light of Pure Beingness of the Christ Forces. So it is done eternally, within the Divinity of God, Lord Jesus the Christ. Forever in peace, Moses.



Excerpt of Message 18 April 2021 at 12:59 PM through JD Cross

My dearest child of Light of Christ, it is I, your Lord Jesus the Christ, with Moses, the Circle of Twelve, the Essenes, the Archangels Michael and Gabriel, God’s Heavenly Angels on High. My child it is I, Jesus, to speak to you and all the people around the world upon earth. I come to speak of prayer. It is God’s Holy Words that speak through prayer who have gathered together as a Holy Body in Spiritual Warfare and in Spiritual Prayer. (The two Networks work together: The Spiritual Warriors fight demons in strategic warfare against, for example, the UN Globalist World Government that is taking over all world government in a communistic rulership.  The Prayer of Protection Network prays protection over the Spiritual Warrior Network. The two Armies of God work together to reduce or stop catastrophic events created by mankind.)

Know that prayer comes from the Holy Spirit within you. Prayer lies within your soul and trumpets through your physical vehicle (through your body as God's energy). Prayer is a Holy Energy Force from the center of the Heart of God. Its energy voices (speaks) into Rays of Light and bands together its Holy likeness (Spiritually like-minded people band together). Prayer is not thought of as a deity. Prayer is the unification of the Holy Spirit, divine thought and action of the Holy Spirit. The mundane physical thinking has not a place within spiritual warfare or spiritual prayer. (In other words, we don’t cast aspersions towards human beings but, instead, we show love towards them. We make war with the demons that influence them and that give them power.) Prayer groups as these are delivered from the Seat of God that lies within the heart. Each of you are chosen by God and through God. It is His Sword of Truth each of you shall follow. It is his Armor of Light that is your shield that carries His Rays of Light. (The shield isn’t a traditional shield, it is a Shield of Light coming from the Sword of Truth.) Be it and know it within your Divine Spirit. Know that the planet earth is of two energy fields: negative fields of rays and positive fields of rays.


Lucifer was an angel of the Father God that fell from Heaven’s Divinity of the Holy of Holies Spirit. Lucifer chose his path of battle against God and His Divine Kingdom in Heaven. Lucifer was cast out of God’s Heavenly Realms. All that chose to follow Lucifer were cast out of God’s Heavenly Realms and His Divine Kingdom in Heaven. I tell you this to give each of you the understanding of prayer and the use of spiritual warfare and spiritual prayer. Know this and its purpose and mission. The purpose is: Raise forth (bring out) Divine Love and its Rays of Light, and embody its essence and be at Oneness within it. Within the Oneness of God, prayer lies to enforce its mission of spiritual warfare and spiritual prayer to battle against negative force fields. These fields of energy’s mission is to burn and consume God’s Light to the darkness (demonic energy blots out the Light in people and then brings people into darkness). Remember always that it is God that prevails.


Fear not! Know your Oneness with God ‘I am the way, the truth, and the Light.’ I will never forsaken you! For I ‘Am that I Am’ within you always. Keep your face and direction in the Light, centered within your heart, not within the Darkside. (We work from the heart as opposed to working through our mind. Lucifer uses religious debate to divide and conquer. We act from love through the heart and leave religious debate out of the equation.) Life Force is the Breath of God that is the rhythm beat in your heart. Know, its ‘truth is love’ in its Divine form always. Go forth and do God’s work on earth as it is in Heaven. In the name of Jesus the Christ, all is done. Peace. Your Lord Jesus the Christ.


The Archangels Michael and Gabriel shall lead in the spiritual warfare on earth as it is in Heaven. God’s Heavenly Host of Angels shall, too (also), be present in this warfare to do God’s work in and through Lord Jesus the Christ. The Christ Force be with each of you. Always peace eternal, Lord Jesus Christ.

(To fight for our country and the nations: Become a prayer warrior. Socialism/communism is now taking over. Jesus' message is plain: We are at a critical point in history. We are outnumbered in this physical world. Spiritual Warfare is the only way it can now be stopped. There are no dues or fees associated with this war. This is a direct fight with the demons that control like-minded people of Lucifer. Send a message to: SWAN.Prayer.Network@gmail.com and join our battle.)


Message 6 April 2021 at 8:34 PM Through JD Cross

My child it has been a while where we have sat together in receiving God’s Spoken Words together (severe health issues). Let me tell you of a few stories that apply so well. My child the earth world is at a place in time that people change their behavior and habits liken to church. (People use religion in place of the Christ Force of Jesus). The face of our Lord God looks for all people to look within their heart with depth and sincerity. It cannot be that of chance but that of no judgment. (In other words: We don’t wait until we stumble upon our character flaws and our strengths, we make searching and fearless inventories on a regular basis so as to correct them but without berating ourselves for having them.) There is a rebellion that is going on as we speak. People are human by nature. It is liken unto itself, people are under their own influence that drives them either the path of eternal or the pathways to darkened highways and byways. (PROPHECY) The world of Earth today is under attack by the Darkside in life (under attack by demonically influenced people). It is hovering around the world in all nations. It is an organized body of the United Nations that’s pushing their order of socialism/communism throughout the United States government and all inner agencies. The people of America will come to the realization that they are being taken over by the socialist party of the United Nations. This realization has already taken place with some of the American people. It cannot be stopped. It has to be destroyed through battle and warfare. It is a ‘nonnegotiable’ to sit across the table to debate the greater good. (The socialists/globalists don’t want to hear it; they want full control. Battle using God's Christ Force is the only hope of stopping it.) It has to work itself through the Universal Laws. (Example: If mankind has agreed to become socialist under the dictatorship of the UN instead of freedom and liberty that God wants for mankind, then Universal Laws take over to bring balance. Physical wars will be fought even though God doesn’t want it this way. Trump was put in place by God and man rejected it. Now, God will allow man's free will to deal with the consequences.)


(PROPHECY) There is to come great upheaval among and within the congressional bodies, both Senate and Democrat (House). They call themselves leaders, yet it has become not leaders who are for the people. It is leaders chosen by the United Nations. The true-hearted leaders are being taken over. (The globalists are overthrowing elections, suing patriots for huge sums of money, making up lies and investigations to discredit godly leaders, setting them up using many forms of deceit.) This cycle in time is woven from the past cycles of time. The art of it all is: The Darkside is fighting the Light, the Christ Force birthed through Jesus. Before His birth, the prophets embarked on their journey speaking God's Spoken Words and carrying fourth the power of God to the people. My child today life is not that much different than the beginning of time. The difference is mankind’s advancement in evolution through time (evolving intellectually, physically, mentally, spiritually, scientifically, materially, and the like). Throughout time, there was discovery in and through all things. We need not take this to discuss in detail. I do believe it is understood without us explaining it.


The discovery of greed and power over the nation is a mission in itself by the leaders of each nation. (PROPHECY) America fought wars over this and is headed in that direction once again. (This is a warning not written in stone.) I know it will be asked: Can it be stopped? I say to the people: Has any war been stopped before it began? No, it has been battled (wars fought) to gain the control and power to stop it. Is that clear for each of you? It is not God’s battle. It is mankind‘s battle. (President Trump attempted to use negotiations in good faith to settle problems in the world, but man chose to eliminate him from office and choose socialism. Universal Laws will now be in effect.) It is sad and heartfelt in knowing what changes are before the planet earth. The Asian countries are plotting and scheming to overthrow Europe and the United States. It is time to be selfless and God-centered. It is time to gather together Spiritual Warriors around the world. Why, you may ask? Because Universal Laws are leading the nations around the globe. What this means is that each nation and its leaders have created the happenings and fighting their way through what they’ve created and are bound by the Universal Laws to work through all actions and reactions that they created.


Spiritual warfare is put in place to take action to reduce or prevent something undesirable or bad to happen. Greater things of good takes place in seeking peace to occur in spiritual warfare. It is God’s Shield that is taken in hand to fight the Darkside. The power of prayer-gathering (prayer warriors praying as One) works in a similar manner. Spiritual warfare uses God’s energy through the Sword of Light (SOL). It is working with the Archangels Michael and Gabriel and their Legion of Angels of the Light. This must be formed around the world. It is time now to put in place. The world is at a critical time within its cycle to be overcome by darkness. My child the ‘March of Truth’ is before you and all people. It is not for fear. It is to overcome the fear. Is...it...not the Angel of Light that brought forth our Lord Jesus? Is it not the Circle of Twelve (12 Apostles) that was put in place, God’s Spoken Word from nation to nation, to cities and towns and countries; to shower the people with the Light of God’s presence, Lord Jesus Christ. Is it not the truth that sets one free from bondage? Is it not true that Jesus the Christ stood before the people to tell of our Lord God and that He is within each of us, within our heart, to lead us out from under the darkness? Is it not to be darkness or is it not to be Light? It is a choice of free will that God placed in each of our hands (free will) to decide which shall lead our soul. Go forth my child and all people and do good and be that goodness. Peace eternally forever

Message 3 March 2021 at 3:30 PM

President Biden is ‘acting president’ by a group called: The Socialist Party of the Universe. There is one thing to understand clearly about this party, the organized body of this society is: Their mission is held together by forces of evilness, a nature that is nurtured by and through Lucifer. Its component parts are driven by a desire unknown to the Life Force of the Christ Light (completely opposite of Jesus). It is thought to be the entity of Lucifer’s creative beingness to act upon the darkside of creation. It feeds off of negative energy fields of the planet earth (the negative energy mankind creates). It is subject to be disguised itself. One cannot look into its eye without being taken over by its spirit. Now let us pray of God’s Light to prevail over the darkness that lurks in and through the days and nights upon the earth planet. It must not be taken lightly. It is a movement unto itself. It is not to be taken lightly or for granted that God prevails over it. The Laws of the Universe set out by God is the key to overcoming its dominance.


(Next is a continuation of Jesus’s message of 24 February 2021.)


Jesus Speaks

My child My words delivered to you in days past are spoken to all people to enlighten their hearts and mind with faith and love. Mankind today is living out that which they have created to be. There is no secret to life. Life is in all things created in and through our Father God. The Forces of Life are of the Light. Mankind has been given by God our Father the free will to procreate the likeness of Eternal Life. Within the soul of the Spirit, God shall always be. Keep your hearts, my people, open to hear His call of truth to guide you on your journey through life. I shall be with you to Light the pathways always. Peace eternally, Jesus.

Message excerpts of 21 February 2021 Warnings

I know that around the world all people are dealing with the epidemic. It is there to remain for a while. It is biological warfare. President Trump has not backed down in keeping socialism/communism government out of America. In the heart of God lies the seat of love, faith, and hope. It takes courage and strength to battle out the negative sources of all shapes and forms. In the eye of truth, one finds the center course of action. The people around the globe are finding the truth is the battlefield for all nations. Time between the nations is running out of steam in keeping peace among each of them. Biden and his administration of leaders are not in sync with one another. There is no balance in containing peace among all states within America and all international Nations abroad. He is opening Pandora’s box of past policies that lived in the past and found no resolution in peace and order. He will force the economy to plunder downhill that will give cause for the American economy to collapse. His exchange with the nations is giving cause to weaken the dollar. Trade and stock and commodities are being split in means and ways to make America depended upon the nations. It is giving the United Nations control for institutionalizing a one world government. This alone will create not only war between the states within America, but it will create international war to break open in ways not of previous warfare. (We now have nuclear capabilities, and more throughout the world.)


My child the nations over the years have been preparing for this to occur. They have chosen their allies and they are finding within those they have chosen, they cannot trust. Loyalty is lacking my child. Greed and power is a domination and its domain. Biden is stirring a hornets nest. This will cause a reversal affect. President Trump had made America strong and independent once again. He created a flow of monies exchange to bring a balance in trade and stock and within commodities around the globe. He put policies in place to benefit not only the United States but to the nations. He took Americas treasury and made it whole again. He institutionalized international policies and agreements to give the United States of America its sovereignty, his goal of peace among all nations. Time on his clock to resolve conflict was a challenge of each day for him: the congressional party. He would not put America or the people in the hands of the United Nations. He would not be a puppet president. He is the President of the United States. (God still considers Trump to be the president.) The Democrats will not succeed in their investigation to censor President Trump. It will reverse on them. A divided nation America will once again be.


The immigration reversal of policies will most definitely backfire on Biden’s administration along with his changes and claims of Covid along with health and welfare. (Biden is blaming Trump for the Covid-19 deaths and has said they had no vaccines when he entered office and that they had to start from scratch. This was untrue. Trump’s team developed and was delivering vaccines.) His tax hikes will crash the economy in ways unthinkable. It will weaken America. The people in all nations will cry out for peace and have no place to turn because of the United Nations control and power and dominion over their trade and stock. The times of past is only going to haunt them. All nations leaders will have to choose their course of liberty, freedom for their people.


Earth Changes

International waters to each side of the Arctic will rise to heights of catastrophic conditions that will have an affect around the globe. Nature is a godly source for all kingdoms upon earth. The vortex in the Arctic is being tampered with by mankind and the scientists that causes ‘earth changes.’ Mankind is trying to control the climate which will cause catastrophic effects around the globe. All nations will be impacted by faulty means and ways to control God-given nature and its kingdoms to replenish itself.


World and US Events

My child America is in a turmoil in all its states. It has gone to far to turn back and offer an olive branch to one another. The corruption has spread not only throughout the government but throughout the homes of the American people. The conflict of power has reached a level within greed that the leaders have lost control as one body Congressionally and will divide among them as far left liberals and far right conservatives. The radical left’s mindset is socialism to communism party, one world government governed by the United Nations worldwide. Iran will fight back to international agreements that Biden has laid before them. The Middle East will break out in warfare with Europe. This will give cause for America to take a stand of war. You see my child piece is not at the table of Nations. (I believe this is speaking of the nations who meet at the United Nations to discuss world policy.) Upheaval of policy and agreements put in place by President Trump has been dismantled to place America vulnerable to the takeover by China. My child there is much unrest and turmoil to come. People will be held accountable within the US congressional Congress in both parties, Republicans and Democrats.


Let there be peace and may God prevail through the discord of evil that shadows its darkness to fall upon mankind. Eternally in the Christ forever.

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