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Message 8 July 2021 at 8:45 PM


My dearest child of the Light of Christ, it is I, Moses, the Circle of Twelve, God‘s Holy angels: Archangel Michael, Archangel Gabriel, the Holy of Holies blessings upon High, God‘s Heavenly Host.


This paragraph was personal and we removed it.....

Global Events

My child the world today is the world of yesterday, it hungers for peace and love and liberty and freedom. Give praise to our Lord Jesus in knowing that it is He, within God, who beholds and prevails over all people. Give thanks in Heaven on earth. In the night and the day, the silence will pierce throughout all nations, the sounds and cries for peace and liberty. The leaders of all nations worldwide shall stand apart from one another to see their nation and people. The government worlds will behold its truths in how they see what truth is. Each nation is preparing for war between the nations worldwide. It has already begun within their commodities in trade, in stock, and within their economies. I say to all people: Lay down your swords and armor and make peace and give liberty and freedom to all people. Share in the prosperity that all lands and territories have to give to the people. Fairness in trade in all nations has been filled with greed and self-desire for self-prosperity. None are for other people, for the greater good.


My heart goes out to each and every one of you to extend to each of you the peace and serenity and love that God so placed upon this earth for all people to have and to hold within their heart. Many times I have spoken of your tomorrow that shall be that, that each and everyone of you are creating. The created thought is a birth within itself. The power behind it is the feelings and the energy placed within it.

US Events

Biden‘s administration is not cohesive and is falling apart. The Department Heads are branching out on their own without consulting the White House. ‘After the fact’ is causing a split within the Administation and Democratic Party. Chaos is chewing and gnawing away at the Administation’s policies and mission. My child, this too is having a hammering effect on the Nation’s leaders.


UN Events

The United Nations (UN) is in an upheaval with their political endeavors to institutionalize their strategies across the International trade Nations, especially with China, Japan, and Russia. Time will tell on all nations in withstanding ‘United as one Nation’ which is the the UN’s mission (under socialistic/communistic rule).

Earth Changes

As you can see, the weather conditions worldwide are in a reverse spin. Conditions will become unpredictable to call. The atmospheric pressure is undergoing change worldwide. The effects for this is coming from within our solar system. My child, be not alarmed when you hear of this occurrence. (Note: Earth Change is not the UN narrative of Climate Change. Governments have conducted experiments to control nature and have created earth changes that will be devastating. An example is: All shorelines will be under water as the ocean bottoms rise. There  will be many dormant volcanoes come to life and other earth related catastrophic events.) Let us close with a prayer.


Our Father who art in Heaven, Holy is Your name. It is in and through Your Grace that the Light of Christ abides within us. Encircle Your Light within us and abide within our heart. Eternally in the Christ it is done, Moses.


Message 24 February 2021 at 3:50 PM   Message from Jesus


My Dearest child of the Light of Christ, it is I, Moses, the Circle of Twelve, the Holy of Holies Essenes, the Archangels Michael and Gabriel, God’s Heavenly Host upon High, and the Attained and Ascended Masters. My child there are a few words of our Father to share with all people.

Jesus Speaks

It is I my child, Jesus the Christ. Let me begin by saying to all people: Our Father God is within the heart of all souls. The earthly world exists for worldly experience of the physical body. It is a pro-creative place for souls to know themselves and to know our Father God, the Oneness of the universe. The dimension of time is a cycle of the speed of light. It is a place of creative energy, that which is of negative and positive energy sources. Mankind has known one world and many forms of beliefs within the dimensional art of thought. Time cycle allows for dimensions. Let me say that the earth world of today is under its own creative forces of spells imposed by mankind. I have walked upon the land of earth in times past. My journey was shortened by events of beliefs that mankind held firmly onto, their reasoning shadowed by their personality believing in idols. (Julie was at an appointment and was called away. Jesus said they could continue later. Julie’s health issues prevented her from taking messages for some days. Jesus continued in the next message of 3 March.)


Message 3 March 2021 at 3:30 PM

Jesus Speaks

My child My words delivered to you in days past are spoken to all people to enlighten their hearts and mind with faith and love. Mankind today is living out that which they have created to be. There is no secret to life. Life is in all things created in and through our Father God. The Forces of Life are of the Light. Mankind has been given by God our Father the free will to procreate the likeness of Eternal Life. Within the soul of the Spirit, God shall always be. Keep your hearts, my people, open to hear His call of truth to guide you on your journey through life. I shall be with you to Light the pathways always. Peace eternally, Jesus.


The next two Excerpts are from Messages received by Julie. The first message had information that God didn't want shared presently so we deleted it:

Excerpt of Message on 15 June 2021

  1. My child the dawn of the new horizon is upon [mankind]. You’ll begin to see changes globally and worldwide economics. The US will experience a terrible roller coaster ride. What is occurring within is fighting between the states in the United States. This has a domino affect within the nations. 

  2. The oil around the globe will be short, giving great cause for change within trading. Commodities between the nation will rise in numbers (high prices). The stock exchange will plunder down creating losses. The market exchange will collapse. 

  3. Government activity between the states will creep up as a roller coaster ride and then sail down rapidly. The makings of this will not only be internally between the Senate and Congress, but internally, the Biden administration is setting America back in a time zone where there is no growth within the walls of the economy.

  4. Internationally, banking dollars will lose its value. 

  5. The United Nations will struggle throughout all nations. The people acting behind the scenes are finding that through constant different axes to grind, have left a bitter taste.

  6. You can expect, my child, that President Trump has taken control of the Republican Party to be in a better position to save America from the socialist party. We were instructed not to tell of President Trump's plans and activities that were given in this message. We deleted this portion from being placed on this webpage.

  7. The Middle Eastern countries are plotting and scheming their way into Biden’s administration. 

  8. Ongoing attacks on Israel is being plotted at this very moment. The war will outbreak in the Middle East. (We were told in previous messages that the war will begin in the Middle East and then spill over into Europe.) Oil is a premium between them (between the oil producing countries). Understand that their ‘strength in holding’ is only superficial. They will not be allowed to use it as a leverage to gain control. 

Excerpt of Message 5 June 2021 at 5 PM

JESUS came to Julie while she was washing dishes and I was editing our most recent prophecy book. Julie called me over to where she was standing in the kitchen. Three apostles (Peter, Matthew, and John), Archangels Michael and Gabriel and all the Archangels, the Heavenly Host, and Moses were with Him. Julie was overjoyed and could immediately feel His presence. Julie turned to see Jesus smiling.


He was wearing a white robe that touched His feet. Jesus had a wooden Cross on a link chain flowing from around His neck to the middle of His breastbone up to His heart. The large Cross changed into Light: The hand carved Cross took on God’s Light. On His right hand index finger was the Ring of the Trinity. This is through spiritual knowledge that we knew what the ring was.


Jesus anointed Julie and me, her husband, to engage in spiritual warfare. Jesus said that He will return and ended with: IT IS DONE. The details of this message will be placed in one of our next books.


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