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These paraphrased excerpts of a God Message received by JD Cross (Julie) is to be shared globally by those who read it. Here are the Prophetic Highlights:

Message 11 October 2020

1. This US election is a turning point for the world regardless of the outcome of the US presidential election. There will be an alarming reaction globally. Good and evil will rise up against one another. All of God's Spoken Words of Prophecy has led up to this turning point.

2. Trump will begin a BLITZ Campaign and will include all his people on the campaign trail. Biden will stumble in fear.

3. Trump is truly not contagious now. The media will propagate untruths but President TRUMP WILL OVERCOME THEM TO BE RE-ELECTED. Those spreading lies will suffer and receive what they put out against Trump.

4. Amie Barrett will win the seat on the Supreme Court.

5. Ballots that are being tampered with will be found out, stopped, and exposed. Criminal charges will follow.

6. Republicans will bond together. The war between the states  will escalate after the election.

7. God lets you know that Jesus' Birth was not for forgiveness of sins, He came to save the world and its people. Christianity, before His birth, was being annihilated like it is today. (God's words, not mine. The Essenes had a form of Christianity before Jesus came into this world.)

8. The Trump intelligence team (which Trump formed within his administration) suspects Trumps life was in danger, but all attempts on his life and plots against him will be stopped.

9. Trump will ramp us his commodities tariffs against Iran's imports and exports. He will find a way to get a stimulus package for America. It will happen before his re-election. Trump will keep all promises he made to America and its people.

10. God will prevail over Lucifer's evil warriors.

11. The UK will have more protesting and protesting will spread over Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. The end result will be catastrophic. The US is not ready to handle this. (Because of the civil war we are engaged in will cause America to be distracted. It will surprise us.)




End of Excerpt




How Trump Really Contracted Covid-19


Message 2 October 2020 at 2:12 PM


My child earth shattering news of US President Donald Trump has shocked all nations. Melania Trump and President Trump received the strain, virus, COVID-19 from an unreliable team player within the administrations cabinet. He and his spouse did not receive it from Senior Advisor Hope Hicks. Corruption is inevitable, my child. There are those around Trump who cannot help but see their ego. Their intentions are not for the greater good as Trump’s is. Hope Hicks has disguised her true feelings and intentions that lean to the left Democratic (Party) views and policies of socialism. Her aim and direction in career path is to stay at the top (In government vernacular, terminology: She is a climber.) Trump and Melania his spouse received a strain of the COVID-19 virus in a beverage. It was planned from the far left, as they called themselves, to disrupt and claim doubt to Trump's intentions of the coronavirus, and cripple the election for him. This is called dirty politics which it has become.


The United Nations and its socialist organization want Trump on his back, unable to be presidential material to run the United States. Look, my child, at history’s past that has become the present day for America and all nations (Civil War of the 1860s). Time, my child, has no boundaries to it. It only has life experiences contained in the Life Force to be. It lives on to be heard whether it be for good or bad intentions. It will be found how President Trump and Melania his wife were infected by biological warfare which Hope Hicks does have a connection into the activity that will be made known. There is a component missing or shall I say overlooked within the kitchen staff. It will be revealed. (Someone in the White House kitchen is involved but it is possible that when they find out that they may keep it from the public and act on it in secret. Time will tell.)


My child the demons of evil intentions that work through like-minded people are warring to take Trump and his administration down at any cost (Lucifer and friends through evil people). My heart goes out to the people. I have fought many battles on my path for God and His Word to be spoken. The earth life is feasted by a negative force equal to the Light. It is God who sees that the Light prevails over darkness. It is through God, not mankind, that this is to be. Mankind destroys itself, not God. Must I say this clearly? God’s Light encircles all things upon earth and within all things upon earth and its kingdoms. Earth is an expression of itself, a place that embodies the Life Force, worlds within worlds, kingdoms within kingdoms.


Stay strong my child and Bill. There is much work to do in the days to come. Continue receiving God's Spoken Word for the people. It is from within the heart you both shall be guided. Be not deterred from what others may say, for they know not what they do. Continue on Jesus’ path within God’s Kingdom as in Heaven upon earth is and shall be. Eternally in the Christ forever.

Message 25 September 2020 at 11:39 PM


My dearest child of the Light of Christ. Let us for a moment or two look at current embodiments of hatred, disliking, that the Congressional body (held by the Democratic Party presently) has for the Republican body. Yes, my child, it is a warfare among them that leads only two catastrophic events to occur one after another (civil war). The United States is truly headed for a war between the states. Its government has withstood political indifference within itself for many many years. Today and throughout the past days from the election of President Donald Trump in 2016, the Roman walls that were built through time have been crumbling. This moment, now, an attack from within the Socialist Party is striking out. The embodiment of this organization is communism, an established party that governs through dictatorship. America wasn’t founded under this rulership. This is the fight between the states occurring at this very moment.


Those behind this movement are striking out in any shape or form (riots, burning, looting, killing, political games, lawlessness, and such). President Trump has taken on the leadership to embrace liberty for the people, a freedom within itself. The presidential election of 2020 is the socialism/communism platform and the opposition is capitalism. The ongoing protesting is driven by the organized party of socialists. Their protesting has been ongoing for months. It is evolving into a war between the states of America. The people of America have justified its behavior for years. This organized body needs to reign by winning the presidential election of November 3, 2020. My child take not this lightly, but the Declaration of Independence for America is under siege by the Socialist Party, the Congressional Democrat Party.


President Trump’s security will be increased due to the heightened threat from the Democratic Socialist Party. Republicans are standing tall for capitalism. What is holding the outbreak of war (back) is the states declaring war by standing the American flag firmly in ground against the states that have chosen to stand for socialism. (PROPHECY) The enemy lines will then be drawn. The Democratic Party has gone too far to turn back and to waive a white flag. This is where Americans will see the states separate themselves from America (secession from the United States). (PROPHECY) American soldiers will return to America to fight on their own soil to save America. My child the people of America will be divided into two parties known as Socialist or Capitalist, Democratic and Republican.


Be at peace my child. We shall continue. In the Christ, eternally forever.


Message 13 September 2020 at 1:51 PM

US Events

President Trump, it is true, he is not reared to be a politician with ideas to self-dominate. He is a man of his word. His heart stirs him in creating the greatest good in all things for all people. He will continue on this path in the name of God. No one person is perfect and may be misguided by trusting others and not having faith in the greater solution of good. He will continue on this path (for the greater good) in the name of God. Disguises come before him, but he shall stand tall and battle for God’s pathway be open for all people. Some doors will appear to close, but remember, it is only a disguise. He shall tear down all disguises, presenting themselves for the Light of Truth, to conquer over evil. (The dark side uses people to create things and situations that look like they are from God, but Trump sees through this evil and exposes the lies. An example is: That of socialism that may sound good to some, with the government controlling all aspects of life, but in reality is demonic.) It is not time for life within America to be taken over by Lucifer. (We were told that Light has to shine on the 21st century so that the 22nd century can benefit from it and know God’s truth. This is only my opinion since we haven’t been presented all the details.)


Many wars have been fought upon the lands of earth. Catastrophic events occurred during these times, as is what is occurring now. The fight of war has never died nor buried. Mankind and its leaders once faced every moment to do what is rightfully good for the people, but, I am afraid that it isn’t possible to see peace as long as Lucifer abides upon earth. All souls have a choice, free will to choose their path, their journey. (There is much rioting and crime committed by those who want communism/socialism. They are making a choice but not of God.) President Trump is much aware of this. He shall stand tall for the fight of liberty and justice for all people. (PROPHECY) He will win the presidential election. His opponent Biden and Harris will unveil their true colors to the people. They both have been shady in delivering the truth of their platform of socialism/communism of the United Nations. Both flags shall rise in war with one another: capitalism versus socialism. The Republican Party will stand in choice of capitalism to support President Trump. The Democratic Party will be divided within their party.


(PROPHECY) There will be a vaccine for the coronavirus before the election of November 3, 2020. Yes outbreaks will occur as will the flu or any other disease. China will draw back temporarily. America is fighting for its life.


Farmers are regrouping for harvest to survive the epidemic. Teaming together is now their goal. They support Trump and he supports them. Trump is regrouping his strategic efforts with his military forces. (PROPHECY) Generals who are not in sync with Trump’s mission will be replaced. (There are many globalists at the top ranks.) Trump’s focus is to face the people and spread the truth, that of good, of God.


Earth Changes

(PROPHECY) The fires in California will continue its destructive force. Hurricanes and tornadoes will spread its angry energy across the territories and land of the United States and the globe. Catastrophic in their nature and devastation, it will bring with it to many people. Storm surges will tear cross the coastal waters. When there is outbreak of war between the states, nature shows its fight and terror within its energy forces. The cold, cold weather will hit temperatures below freezing, [well below]. Hail storms can be expected. The North and South Poles are colliding within the earths magnetic field. The solar system is magnetically changing its course, it’s the timing and sequence and polarization.


Nothing remains the same my child. In all things there is constant change. Remember that. It is God’s design. Know that the months ahead will be very challenging around the world with all nations. In change, there is good. Remember this. Keep your heart as always in and through our Lord Jesus and God. Peace eternally my child.


(We were also told after this message was written, that the Chinese have been planning to sabotage President Trump’s vaccine so that people become infected. Trump is blocking them and knows what they are trying to do. The Chinese want the disease to pass on to America and other nations. They also want to be able to say that Trump’s antidote did not work and that they have an antidote that was to be stolen from the United States.)

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