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God has given over 500 messages to JD Cross concerning Prophetic Warnings and Insights. We have placed them on Amazon in eBook and Paperback. The books tell of Safe Zones, warnings of what to prepare for, how to prepare, and God's Wisdom. More God Messages about the Coronavirus COVID-19 following the message of  23 August 2016.

Excerpts from God Message of 27 March 2020


1. My child, the days ahead and months will appear to increase in momentum of this deadly virus COVID-19. The symptoms will become variant in degrees that are very similar to a plague of thousands of years ago. The cycles of time from past centuries do repeat themselves even though the periods evolve.

2. This virus was brought about by mankind’s reasoning and negligence. Let us say the errors of judgment so fell upon the receiver. Yes, it was in China.

3. This virus will run its course before an antidote to counter it is found. My child, this occurrence, as I have said, was intended for biological warfare. The containment was comprised within its own party. We are talking about China, Japan, and Russia and Germany. Warfare intended against the United States. President Trump is aware of its occurrence yet remains at peace with those thought to be a threat. There is such greed of power and control between the nations. This President of the United States, President Trump, is not a globalist and has changed, what I’ll say, the playing field of negotiations between countries.

4. My child, the winter winds will cross the nations around the world. The rain will wash away the plague of disease. The oceans will roar with thunder, and the heat will beat down upon the desert. The ice will melt in the oceans and the waters will be warmed. The storms will rage with lightning and thunder, and the tornadoes will swiftly fly through. No man nor woman or child can prevent nature from roaring its sounds of freedom from mankind’s touch. The Bible as written will not change the times of the times, but God’s Word and our Lord Jesus’ will prophesy the beginning of times to come. It is in and through the Christ that God’s Spoken Words are received.


God Message of a warning to come and received 23 August 2016.

It is crucial that you pay close attention to change of events within your government structure, of the nations. There is a shift of destruction, a fall from within. These occurrences will take place from September 2016 through 2017. Universal prayer from God's Hierarchy is in place around the world and nations. God's hand and Will, will bring down these evil forces (the UN backed globalists and the corrupt nations) created by mankind. It will come by floods, drought, famine, tornadoes, hurricanes, fire. It is His Will to be done. (2016 was the beg)inning and, as time passes, God will use the earth changes that mankind has altered to defeat the corrupt.)


The stock market will crash and rise again with change of heads and technology to weed out greed that has power over people and investments in trade. Without change, it will be like Rome that fell. There will be another plague outbreak killing millions. New vaccines will be needed to prevent further plague across the nations. The signs are from the past to the present. (Like the FLU outbreak in 1918, this  new virus like disease outbreak has begun to take place now. This may only be a prelude to a bigger outbreak coming as God has warned.)


California will have a volcano eruption from the ocean. There is a shift that is occurring now unknown to their science. (There is also a caldera under Mt Shasta running down to San Diego that scientists are disturbing.) The vortexes work to polarize the energy fields around earth's circumference. The sun is drawing closer to the earth. My child, be not frightened of change to come, it only instills fear and draws it to you. (This event along with other events described in the prophecy books will come to California.)


When you and Bill need to move, we shall provide the guidance, way, and place. Not to worry. (We moved in August 2017 to the mountains in Virginia, a Safe Zone. Mankind awaits the return of the Christ, but what mankind needs to know that mankind needs to return to Jesus the Christ.)


God Message 16 March 2020


This virus (modified virus/bacteria for chemical / biological warfare) that is swiftly coming through every state of the United States, the people are not prepared and the anxiety level is rising high. People of today are not prepared for such a happening. The people of today know not their next-door neighbor. The people of today are too busy in the world to know their neighbors. The times have changed. People have grown apart. Fear is their attraction in each day. Faith is not thought of. People today do not take time in every moment to be thankful nor grateful. All-in-all my child, the people of today cannot say: My Father and I are One in all things. You see my child, the lessons of life are but experiences to know from whence you come. The experiences of living life is to know who you are and your purpose to be.

Now, all people in prayer will need to reach deeply into their hearts to know who they are and look within their heart and know that faith will pull them through the despair that lies ahead. All the material things are meaningless without the Spirit of Divine Love. All nations around the globe will be faced with the shadows of despair my child. Time and time again, throughout the cycles of time, have lived behind the door of false hopes and dreams of the mundane life, searching and looking in directions that feeds their personified world of material things. Prosperity of life is for the greater good in all things. When times get tough, you look to God with faith and knowing all is good. Jesus’ Last Supper with His disciples was a great lesson in love and belief in God the Father. (Sustained faith and belief/knowingness raises the energy to the Christ.) The virus was truly no accident and happening. Mankind creates their happenings (by developing these diseases and then they get out). In the world today, it cannot be said that love will conquer all. Why is that you may ask? I say to each of you: If one knows not love from within his or her heart, faith is not, hope is not, courage and strength is not. Concern not your neighbor before first looking at oneself. (Take your own self inventory first.)

Our prayers go out to all people with God’s Light and love embracing all people. In the days to come, the virus will spread. My prayers of eternal grace be with all people to give each and every one to find the courage, the strength, the faith, and love in every moment. The world trade and market will plunder down. In the calmness of the night, one can feel God’s grace and presence in all things. Jesus met many, many people who have had so little faith or belief in God. The need and want was to have control and lust over the material world. The power and glory of their greed they could not let go of. It was their food and fuel, their flight. Ask yourself: Has it changed today? No, it has not. Even with mankind’s religions of today, there is no peace or goodwill upon this earth. I say to every soul in despair: You are not alone. God is with you. The Light is before you and love surround you. Let go of fear in knowing your true self.

This virus that mankind has named as the Coronavirus is but a plague that will run its course. The antidote, my child, will take time for discovery. Fear stands in the way because time is not on mankind side at this moment as in past moments. This government today is fueled with such anger and hatred that prohibits the good to happen; the fight and fiery. This president, President Trump, walks through this every day, every moment. He will have the strength to see all people through the moments stricken by the Coronavirus.

God Message of 16 March 2020

Jesus Speaks

Have faith My children of this world. Believe, for in grace you shall know God’s touch, His love, for He is with each of you always. Never lose sight of His Light. It is in God our Father that life is and shall be. Eternally in the Christ, Jesus.


God Message on 15 February 2020

Jesus Speaks

My child, it is I, Jesus, to speak to you and Bill and all people. This day is a bright and brilliant day ahead of the masses of people who have gathered here today. I and My Father are One within all people in your heart and soul. This day and all days you make many decisions and choices in your lives. But let me ask you from within your heart: Are you happy? Do you love who you are or have become? Is your life that you made filled with joy and love? Do you hear the still small whisper of the voice within from your heart – God our Father who is with you always? Know that it is He who Lighteth your world, your days and your nights. It is He who Lighteth your journey in life. It is He who provides for you. My people, I reach out to you to look around you and see far beyond your home into the world and tell me what you see. Do you see the hunger for life and living, the joy that it offers? Do you hear the sounds of nature calling out to you with a harmony in sound that no one can duplicate into another? I, Jesus, say to each of you: Open your hearts to one another. Take the hand of one another. Be at peace and goodwill for one another. The fighting and arguing in your world saddens my heart. For, all of you could have such glory and happiness that is in your grasp to take and behold. In the shadow of darkness in your world, only gloom of sorrow shall shed among all people in all lands. You look for religion in the churches you have built to find God when He has been with you always in your hearts. He is not in the edifices of your churches. He and I are within you, in your heart, Divine Love. Take my hand and walk within God’s many mansions of Heaven. It is He, our Father, that brings peace and goodwill for all people, to all places.


I say that in your months ahead, chaos shall fall upon you through your governments to bring the order as its leaders have designed. Walk carefully so not to be burned with idealism. The art of giving the design of life is to "be it" first; to embrace its Divinity of beauty and grace. The world that all people live in, if so chosen do so (choose its Divinity of beauty and grace). This physical embodiment of change is forever growing within its chosen changes to know itself, striving to have and to be its own. Its hearts is of the physical world, fulfilling its own desires. I say reach out and see the world you are and have created for yourselves. Look within to see its maker, its creator, face-to-face. Is God in your mirror or are you in the mirror of God? Overcome your obstacles and change its outcomes to give you peace and serenity; to give you peace of mind to do God’s work, not that of mankind. In God you are and shall ever be. Peace to all for the Christ (the Christ Force Jesus left for us to use for the greater good). Forever love, Jesus the Christ.


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