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Before we proceed, here is a prayer that was given to JD Cross on 8 May 2020:



Lord, we kneel in prayer to You. Our hearts are open to receive your guidance and direction to steering us away from that which is harmful. We open our eyes to see the Light of truth before us that protects us from that which is evil. We open our hearts only to that of the ways of goodness for all people. Our heart is open to receive You Lord Jesus. We are grateful for all the blessings that you bestow upon us. We know that in and through Your grace, all things are done. It is in and through You Lord Jesus, we are able to walk in grace and divine love. Thank you for Your forgiveness of our actions of sinful ways and for lifting us out of the bondage into the Light of understanding and knowing that the Christ is before us and within us and in and through You. It is done and shall forever be in the Eternal Divine Christ forever.

(KEEP IN MIND: Anything in parenthesis is my opinion only.

Message 16 January 2021 at 4:23 PM

My Dearest child of the Light of Christ, it is I, Moses, the Circle of Twelve, God’s Holy Host Essenes, Archangels Michael and Gabriel, and God’s Heavenly Host. My child in the name of the Christ, all things come in and through God Lord Jesus Christ. God’s Heavenly Host of Angels and Archangels are with you and Bill. You both have a mission through God and Jesus the Christ to fulfill. Let not your hearts be heavy over the outcome of events in your US government and executive branches as they are called. One must understand that President Donald Trump has a mission and I must clarify in saying that it is in the Christ God, Jesus it is done. This man is the chosen portal in saving the United States from a collapse. He will not walk away from a job not done. Nor will this man give up from a fight when evil has tread its evilness/darkness. President Trump is doing the same as Jesus, standing for truth, never giving up to the evilness in this world. God’s prophecies are that of what lies ahead of what shall be seen by the physical eye. Know this, that within a prophecy lies the circle of time. Time is an element of experience. A moment in time can be a flash not recognize nor seen. (One must pay close attention or it will be missed.) A prophecy of our Father God Lord Jesus Christ is to take heed of what shall come or be for a moment in experience in truth and within truth. It is the people that chose their experience and bear the consequence of that experience. The presidential election of 2020 in the United States was hijacked. Let us say this comes as no surprise in dealing with the counter part of the political society gone rogue and supporting an organized body that salutes and supports socialistic and communistic means and ways of a government body. Does such a body play by the rules of engagement laid before them? I say not! This is one of many reasons Rome fell. Greed and power have an act of painting a disguise of truth that many, and when I say many, I say it as a broad relation of extending out beyond globally (Julie was writing quickly and may have left the end of the sentence out.)


The election in and within truth is not over. It has only just begun. I have said many times that there is a Civil War occurring between the states of the United States of America. People have not a clue, a belief of this occurrence. When I say people, my child, I speak to each and every living soul upon the earth planet who turned their face in all directions, wavering in and out of different sets of beliefs they’ve attached to. In essence, there is but One Truth and the Truth is within the Divinity of God Lord Jesus Christ. It holds within no judgment, no evilness means or ways, no doubt, no alternating means and ways, no calculating behaviors. I could continue, yet I feel the message is quite clear. Manipulation of beliefs is not stable. A warrior of truth seeks not through or in revenge. (This is a tall order for many.) President Trump is a warrior of truth in a battle with evil warriors. The battle remains! If all people, I say, stand within the Light of God, stand in and for truth, evil knows not truth nor stands for truth. You, all people I say, be not blinded by the disguise before you. Look within the Light of God. President Trump is a man of God. He is for the greater good for all people. He is ‘chosen’ by God!


Earth Changes

The times ahead will not be pleasant to behold for all people. Earth Changes will occur with rapid influx. This will not only occur in the United States, it will be global. The earth’s vortex is shifting and has a great effect on the earths atmosphere. Agriculture globally will be affected. Mankind is not prepared to handle this outcome. My child this is not the bearer of bad news. This is an awakening of truth that lies before each individual. Open your eyes my people and see through the truth. Doubt entertains fear. Before your eyes, an evilness is before you within the Biden and Harris leaders who support, in arms, the United Nations that embodies socialism/communism means and ways in governing the United States of America and has fostered this relationship with China as a global takeover with the UN. It doesn’t and will not unite in freedom nor liberty. It’s a society of dictatorship governing commodities, domestic and foreign, in stock and trade, in banking globally, and the exchange market. This lies ahead and shall be seen in its making. This is not a game of so-called chess. It is a takeover of liberty, unity, and peace. The patriots of America shall rise in plenty and support President Trump. Know well the side that you choose. Understand a choice beholds consequences to and for its actions. Be wise in your choice. I speak hear of and through God Lord Jesus the Christ. Be a warrior of Light, truth. Keep the faith. Let not it be torn nor tarnished by evilness, it’s ways and means. Except not its whisper. Godspeed to all people. May God’s Grace be with all people. Let us remain in prayer to our Father. Seek the Kingdom of Heaven. Eternally forever, Moses.


Message 7 January at 11:14 PM

My Dearest child of the Light of Christ, it is I, Moses, the Circle of Twelve, the Holy of Holies Essenes, the Archangels Michael and Gabriel, [and] God’s Heavenly Host upon High. My child it is such a pleasure to be with you and talk with you this evening. Let me tell you a brief story before we begin. (This story contains a parable in it for these times.) Once many moons ago upon earth, there was a dear sweet couple who had seven children. The family had not food to feed the family. The mother and father knew not where to turn for help. They banded together in prayer to God Lord Jesus Christ. The youngest child said, “Dear Lord, my family, mother, father, brothers, and sisters have no food. I ask not for myself but for my family that you provide them with food so they do not starve.” The young boy waited for God’s reply, but he didn’t reply. The boys thought for a moment if he should look elsewhere for help. But something within his heart said to him, “Be still my child and hear me speak. I Am that I Am you seek. Your heart is heavy for others who you seek bread for to nourish their souls. How thoughtful that you put others before your needs. In that he is a glorification of love and joy, a unity within the heart that radiates a beam of divine love, a quality to give of yourself asking nothing in return is a quality of God, in good. Let your heart be opened eternally in the Christ. You, my child, have provided the greatest gift a brother or sister could receive – love. In that love, prosperity shall reign in your home for you and your family. They shall not want any more.”


The world, my child, today is filled with a ‘chill in air’ that knows not where it comes from. Behold nature in the calmness of the night, taking in the stillness that lies within it. Behold in the stillness the silence of the lamb. It is within the silence one receives the Word of God. Within this silence, one receives its direction as it approaches the crossroad. God never desserts you or any soul. I know that many people are taken aback of the outcome of the so-called presidential election of 2020 between Biden and Trump. I shall say again that Donald Trump won the election, yet challenged by Biden and its race to unfairly take from this man, Donald Trump. He, as you the people say: The election was stolen by Joe Biden with intentions to steal it and not return it (blocking Team Trump’s efforts at every turn). The war between the states must play out their intentions to steal an election from Trump. This effort the state leaders had corroborated with the Biden administration of his campaign. The race is not, or shall I say, far from being over. The outcome remains in standing because the two parties, the US Senate and Congress, and the people of America continue to live out the outcome of winning a fair election.


President Trump is a just and fair man with godly intentions for the greater good for America and its people. It is his mission to complete as destined. He will save America from corruption and deception from a sunken economy and the dollar of lost value. He will renew trade with America and abroad. He will not stand by to see America be taken over by socialist power and communist power. He will not stand by and see America be taken over by China and the United Nations. He will not stand back while the men, women, and children deteriorate and not having a mind of their own, a freedom washed away and buried in the sand, a liberty to behold and call it their own. America is a nation under God. He will not standby to have it ripped away by evil. He will stand as God’s warrior and fight the forces of evil to save America and its land of plenty for all people. Donald Trump, the President of the United States, will lead his people out of darkness and despair. The battle has just begun between the states and it’s elected parties.


My child days shall pass while no man will take into himself a sword to another. Truth lies ‘in heart’ of all souls. It is for each soul to look within their heart without judgment. President Trump will appeal to the United States Supreme Court. The people, as I said once before, will choose the path of socialism or capitalism. The Republicans and Democrats must make a firm stand in their direction to lead the people. From years past their political games and favors to one another have exceeded beyond repair. It has led to its destruction and fallen into the hands of socialism. Their fear before them will destroy the action of well-being for the nation and its people. A House of Senate (Republicans) and Democrats are divided in power and strength. The old ways will not work to fortify either party. The line has been drawn in the sand between either party.


International countries will have many problems of conflict with Biden's administration, his party of government. Biden is not a leader of mankind. The people will be shown clearly the path laid before of a controlled government. My child the people placed blinders over the eyes because the Light of truth is bright within the insight to see the way of their nature and path they have chosen. The days ahead will be shadowed with untruths of President Trump so those who choose to take over can claim territory. Now is the time for all people to stand with conviction for truth to prevail over darkness. I was asked by God to lead His people to the Promised Land, in likeness that is now taking place with President Trump. The travel to the ‘Promised Land’ that is planned and orchestrated to an outcome of resurrection of unity and freedom and liberty for all people. That which President Trump built in four years is an infrastructure to withstand in any hour, outside forces of destruction. To reverse this action (President Trump’s policies that have worked) will set America in a fallen state in trade and stock and all commodities, a depression and disease of plague that would sweep across all territories of all states within the United States. This remains, my child, to unfold itself before all people.


Behold the prayer of God and the Light of truth to light all highways and byways. It is in and within ‘God we trust’ my child. The practices and means and ways of the United Nations and its layered organized cell groups have been implanted throughout America and international countries. This president, Trump, is aware of and is prepared to conquer. The days ahead will follow its course of action as planned out. A socialist takeover has begun. It can’t be contained. Its ways and means our warfare in all respects. They will not control nor silence President Trump. God’s presence and Light be with all people. Eternally forever, Moses. (message completed at 2:10 AM, 8 January)

Excerpt of the Message 1 January 2021 at 2:05 PM

My Dearest child of the Light of Christ,

The world today is going through change. You may think change is constant. A very true statement, however, changes becomes directional, a compass to show us our direction. And what makes this an important study you may ask, it helps in detailing the consequences of our actions. Of course all people are given the free will of choice to choose their decisions and to see the consequences of choices and decisions. This is clear in what is occurring within the US government and all nations. Why you may ask is this so important? The choice to live through a socialist/communist life, a controlled society, is not freedom nor liberty nor unity nor peace. It is not the Constitution set forth by the forefathers of America. The people have the choice to choose that their government not only support the US Bill of Rights and the US Constitution founded by the forefathers but defend and support it. God placed a man of heart, President Trump, to save America from the United Nations socialist party, to restore the economy of the United States. He will not stand by and let the United Nations and the US Democrat Party of the far left radicals take the presidential election of 2020 illegally. God will prevail in and through Donald Trump the President of the United States. The American people are being shown the truth. This force of evil movement within the United Nations is global around the world. It has always been, and it disguises itself with shadows of its truths to entice people to believe in its movement, in its socialist means and ways of its life, not God of the Christ Force, the Light beaming of love, peace, unity for all people, a greater good in prosperity within the Life Force of our Father God Lord Jesus Christ.


The forces of Lucifer are fighting its war with God my children: Hark, behold the truth before you. I say to you, for I too have been there. There is no greater reward than Truth within the Christ. President Trump has won the 2020 election and will prevail over the Democrat Party, Biden. The election was fraudulently tampered [with] throughout the United States to favor the win for Biden. This man did not win the election fairly. He stole the election. He will be exposed along with others for their criminal activity. My child this activity is bigger than the time of Watergate. Today marks a New Year in Earth 2021. Mankind remains on its journey, creating its image of itself. God so placed free will of choice within all souls. Our blessings and love divine be with all souls in prayer that their choice be that of God the Christ for the greater good of all mankind. I say to all people: Be still and know that within your heart our Father God Lord Jesus Christ’s Light so shined within you. Eternally forever.

Message 15 November 2020

My Dearest child of the Light of Christ, I, or let me say, we see the horrific activity around the globe world of the earth. In and around the world of earth, a Band of Legion for the Satanic movement has created an allegiance to take down President Trump, his administration, and family. This movement was formed before his election [inauguration] of January 20, 2017. (REVELATION) This movement was stirred by Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the United States House of Representatives. She began her take-down of President Trump, his administration, and family during President Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign. (REVELATION) This Satanic movement was and is orchestrated by the United Nations and the elites of the world’s majority. This is the fight my child: Lucifer and God. (REVELATION) President Trump is God’s trumpet in sounding freedom and liberty for the greater good upon earth that Lucifer despises. The satanic movement has been since the beginning of time. It began with Lucifer and it comes and is housed by Lucifer. It moves and has its beings within the people of like manner. (The people think like and attract demonic influence in their lives.) You know this comes under and through the Universal Laws of God, the Law of Attraction. The Satanic movement is built on negative energy. Need I say more? My child this movement has always disguised itself behind the truth. It has its manipulative behavior to entrap people to fulfill its mission; the nature of the beast.

Message 22 August 2020 at 2:33 PM

My dearest child of the Light of Christ from the Heavens above, the Star shall continue to shine its direction and path to our Heavenly Father God. It is I, Jesus, our Heavenly disciples, and Archangel Michael and Gabriel and all others, and our most Holy of Holies the Essenes that I bring forth with Me this day.

Our prophets went before me before I was birthed into the earth world. They so laid down the pathway of our Father God for His Son to walk through the lands of many cities and towns of Kingman and Queens as they called themselves. The earth world has come through the ages of time evolving within a collective consciousness, be it good or evil, positive or negative. Time has given the history of mankind’s evolvement, or shall I say evolution. My child I hold you close to my heart always. I know you see Me as One with our Father God. Understand that I know. Peace and unity are reached through attainment of worthiness and Holiness. This Holiness that I speak of is not religion nor based on religion that is man-made. It is of Supreme Consciousness, pure and whole in beauty, and divinity of the Holy Spirit, the Oneness within God. The world today, at this present time, is looking through the eyes of fear, anger, and anxiety. This energy that it is, is not of God nor through God. Mankind fears that which he or she knows not of. When you fear love, how can you know love? When you are angry and distraught, how can you know love? Love is not on a platter served to you. Love behold happiness, beauty in all things. it does not divide nor kill. Love is divine order. Love prevails over evil. Mankind uses love for their own self-needs and wants. Love flows not within anger and its mechanical parts. Know this and understand that love is within the Spirit of Divinity.

I say to all people around the world: Open your heart to see clearly what is before you. Ask what you see before you; where is it that you come from, what is the name of your home? Seek the Kingdom within. The Spirit is where I am. (This line was written as: ‘Seek the Kingdom within the Spirit’ is where I am. Julie must sometimes write quickly and may have forgot the period.) For it is I who has gone before you to prepare a place for each of you in Heaven. For it is within Heaven that each of you shall receive peace and unity within your soul. Conquer the world with the Armor and Sword of love, of faith and belief, of wisdom and glory, and honor of the Divine Spirit that is Holy. My people, I pray for each of you a prayer of protection from the corruption of evil forces that walk throughout lands in every nation of the global world. My heart reaches out to each of you within glory and victory in overcoming the forces of evil. Be at peace. Go forth and conquer the evil spirits that are hunting over the souls. Eternally in grace and love, Jesus the Christ of God.

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