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   Our books contain God's Messages of warnings and insight through His Son Jesus and His Chosen. It is prophecy but many people want predictions. Prophecy is warnings that may be changed through Spiritual Warfare as explained through experience in: The Christ Force-Spiritual Warriors.

   If you believe this sight is for selling books to gain materially, then read no further. God needs faithful warriors who will destroy demons around the people who believe the UN Socialist One World Government must rule all nations. As we destroy dark forces that give them power, they weaken.



Note: The complete messages will be in our upcoming book

'The Art Of Life--In The Christ Light.'

Excerpt of Message 13 December 2021

In the coming months, on to the new year of 2022, a change in the dynamics of worldwide government will take a flight to counter the truth of God-centered thinking and feeling and being. It will bring with it an energy of its own making of self-aggrandizement of beliefs that are not everlasting. It will have a platform of deception to sway people to carry its armor and fight its battle to win 'their democracy' in a belief system created from within a self-personalization belief system, an infrastructure built to destroy the God-centered way of living life for the greater good.

My child the nations worldwide are, as we speak, plotting within their nation of war tactics and strategies against one another. This is the replay of past ties that led, at that time, to catastrophic events between nations worldwide and led to its own destruction of infrastructure in commodities, trade, and stock between one another. (This was World War I and II.) This is but a replay in the present day.)

There is no such thing as climate change. (Note from previous messages: This is a man-made agenda the UN uses to scare nations to support and give them money, power, and control. Earth Changes are now occurring from scientists’ experiments on the earth’s core and its atmosphere.) The world of earth is forever in change. It is mankind that creates the catastrophic events in its weather and its nature. This may be difficult to see clearly. Nature lives its life source through the means of polarized energy fields of positive and negative fields. This is in constant flow of change through the energy fields with the atmosphere that has a constant stream circling within the earth and outside its magnetic energy fields into the solar system. Mankind has been trying for centuries to control it. God’s creation cannot be controlled by mankind and its science.

Continue and build Spiritual Warfare (Groups). We will work with you in developing outlets for God to source His Will to be done from within Heaven on earth. The Archangels are with you and Bill in sourcing this Prayer Group of Spiritual Warriors to counter the negative sources of evil. Godspeed in all that you do. Know that our Lord Jesus is your guiding Light from within the Christ. END OF EXCERPT


Message 14 December 2021

My child yes, the rumor of war, Russia and Ukraine, has truth behind its rumors. Russia is preparing for war with Ukraine. North Korea is not sitting back and doing nothing regarding these war tactics of preparation for war. North Korea is repositioning its nation for war. The Middle Eastern countries are doing the same. Their borders are guarded to prevent invaders, terrorist to enter. The new year of 2022 is the takeoff of aggression. I say to all people, do not bury your head in the sand, do not live in the pretense of ‘no evil exists, no evil can take over the fight between nations.’ Evil works through its likeness to overthrow the greater good in all things—God—good—peace—unity—faith—love.

Know that peace reigns eternally and it flows throughout the universe in all dimensions. All people were given, through God, free will of choice as a pro-creator. All people are governed by Universal Laws set in place through God. May your choices be pure in heart, God-centered for the greater good, the Energy Source of life. May God Lord Jesus the Christ be with all people worldwide. Peace is unity, unity is love, love is faith in all knowing the truth. Know that the ripples remain flowing downstream into the greater ocean body filled with an energy source stirring within its powerful source of energy, seeking its land of likeness.



The following excerpt is from 'The Christ Force-Spiritual Warriors' book about the 12 Universal Laws God created to oversee mankind and bring balance to us:

1. Law of Divine Oneness

All Universal Laws build upon the Law of Divine Oneness. This law states that we are all connected through creation. We are connected to God through our heart, the seat of the soul, and we are connected to everything in creation as well. Note: There is spiritual energy that can’t be measured and there is physical energy that is measurable. It is best not to confuse them when you think of God’s 12 Laws. Both equally apply to our lives though. What is done in Spirit manifests in the physical and vice versa. What is done in the physical manifests spiritually in our world, unseen unless you attune to it. Begin to watch.

Every single atom inside us is connected in some way to the rest of the universe. All of our thoughts, feelings, and actions have a ripple effect and impact on all things near and far. Thoughts are things. In the world today, most people don’t understand that thoughts and feelings are very powerful in spiritual measurement, spiritual energy. Remember, these are God’s spiritual laws that can work for us or against us depending upon the intentions of our actions, thoughts, and feelings; the energy we send out. One example is, if we harbor negative feelings, the results can be negative. This stops Oneness and creates division. It’s like a boomerang, what we send out comes hurling back at us if it isn’t good godly energy. If our thoughts are directed against others in harmful ways, then the result in our life will eventually be negative or mixed.


If we do harm to others in any form, then it draws negative results back to us as our thoughts and feelings do. It creates Division. What we send out, comes back to us 3-fold. Evil must run its course and then it destroys itself. Consequences may come immediately or run a course before it falls. Good prevails as evil is destroyed by its own actions, thoughts, and feelings. By the Universal Laws of God, evil must complete its course, however, we can reduce, interrupt, or eliminate some of its violence and chaos against people through prayer and being at One with our Creator. Here is an example: There will be war on all continents and nations received through our previous messages. Through spiritual warfare, we reduce the effects on God’s children and the innocent and in some cases, we stop it in some form or another, but be advised, the war will come. Oneness doesn’t stop Universal Laws but coincides with it.

We raise our soul up to Spirit to connect to God to be at Oneness with Father God Lord Jesus the Christ. Religion plays no part. We must connect our Spirit to God’s through our heart. Don’t allow our head to rule our heart. It must be just the opposite. Fear and worry amount to playing God. We are all connected in Oneness through the Christ Force of Jesus.

2. Law of Vibration

Everything here on earth or in the universe has a frequency and a vibration. This is scientifically acknowledged. Similar vibrations attract one another. In the Spirit, we attract good or bad, godly or demonic, positive or negative, or a mixture. This is all depending on the condition of our heart. The attraction manifests here on earth relative to our personal vibration we send out. Soul searching and correction of character faults/shortcomings can change our vibrational energy. As we change our harmful or less useful character traits, God in our heart is uncovered. We become more God-centered and our vibration changes to a positive to the extent of truth we find and how we act on it. This may take months or years, but it is one day at a time. It is best to continue our personal inventory on a regular basis. We uncover the layers we’ve created over our heart. We want the glow of our aura, that light around us, to be bright.

3. Law of Correspondence

The Law of Correspondence is that our lives are created by the subconscious patterns we repeat every single day. What we see in our personal world that we have created is a mirror of what is inside us. If our lives seem unstable, chaotic, not to our liking, then its best to look within if we want to influence our outer world. We create our external world by what is going on in our insides. Our outer world corresponds to our inner world. We attract those things that are like us. On the other hand, if we have a calm and stable life, then it is because we are the same on the inside. These patterns either serve us or hold us back. Look at the Law of Attraction to change outcomes, and we look at our connection to our Creator to have understanding of why our outer world is the way it is. Our insides are an important key to seeing this and understanding what is taking place.

4. Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction is the Law of Vibration in action. You are surrounded by the outcome of decisions you’ve made in the past. We are capable of making different decisions to attract a different set of circumstances. That means we change our thinking. Remember that thoughts are things. Our thoughts and feelings send out energy whether positive or negative that have influence in our outer world. It is suggested that to change our patterns we must calmly disrupt our routine somewhat. As we change our insides through meditation, soul searching, and self-inventory, we change our daily habits to get unstuck from the rut we are in. As an example: If we drink coffee and then shower, change that to ‘take a shower first then drink coffee.’ Change the order of small things like this example to break up the patterns as we work on changing our insides. We look for other small changes we can make to break patterns that won’t completely disrupt our lives so change can take place in our heart more easily. We may have to change people, places, and things. Before going to that extreme, it is best to work on ourselves, and we will know what fits and does not fit into our lives. Sometimes rejection is protection. As we raise our personal vibration, we will see that we have better choices in our daily lives and attract that which is best for us, but caution: It takes time, so we give time, time.

5. Law of Inspired Action

While the law of attraction is about vibrationally aligning ourselves with whatever is spiritually good for us, the law of inspired action is about taking action in order to bring that to fruition. You can certainly create vision boards or other things to become inspired, but we must take physical steps to move closer to the vision we are projecting. We project with our heart’s mind what we seek and then take the actions we are inspired to do. Remember, the heart is the seat of the soul where God resides. Keep in mind: A broken device won’t bring the desired result. We must be spiritually fit to get good results, so we clean out our insides to function on a spiritually higher level. We will become more God inspired and our actions will reflect that.

6. Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy

When confronted by negativity, regardless of its origin, we transmute it into positive by doing things differently than in the past, by seeing the silver lining around the clouds or by other spiritual means. By transmute we refer to change. An example is: Someone confronts us using negative energy, anger, frustration, hate, and so on. We transmute that negative energy by using loving understanding. We don’t have to agree with them or like what they are doing, but to transmute the negative into positive, we show love and kindness. This may take a lot of trial and error and practice to break a habit of fighting fire with fire.

We use prayer and meditation, personal inventory, and we may want to go over our day or review what is expected to transpire before it begins; to mentally prepare for loving approaches to possible problems ahead. We use humility in our thoughts and actions. We may not get an immediate result as in instant gratification, but as we keep our thoughts loving and with understanding, we may notice things eventually changing to positive. This may be trial and error until we establish what works for us. We are attempting to transform our lives into being a more God-centered person.

7. Law of Cause and Effect

The Law of Cause and Effect is: For every action, there is a reaction. If we put out negative energy through thoughts, feelings, or actions, then many times we get back negative results. We are looking for eternal results not temporary results. As we put our godly energy forward, we get back the same whether immediate or delayed lessons; we create goodness in our lives. We don’t know in what form it will come back to us or when. It is a bi-product of our actions or reactions. It may come to us immediately or weeks, months, or years later. Our goal here is growth. Our spiritual fitness may play a role in delays, or it’s not in God’s timing to see immediate results. We place it in our God Bank for a later withdrawal. We make decisions then put them into action. God can’t steer a parked car, so we gather the best information we can and move forward. As our faith grows, we may notice that God will ‘steer us about’ if we go in the wrong direction with the decision we’ve made. But we need to insure we are good receivers, that we are spiritually equipped to take God’s direction and gifts. God placed these laws in this world so we would benefit from them, so we must practice these laws, and we must also identify our emotional, mental, and physical limitations and our assets to know where we stand in our pursuit of staying connected to God. Actions create reactions. We want the best results possible, so we change ourselves to get good results from our actions.

8. Law of Compensation

This law is about reaping what we sow. If we do a job, we rightfully expect appropriate compensation. But also, it is about understanding that what we put into it is what we get out of it. Let’s say we want to be given advise and direction but don’t take responsibility for actions or changes we need to make to see the advice or direction through. The result may not take place or happen as we expect if we don’t participate in creating it. We reaped what we’ve sown. If we truly sow good, we will be compensated in good ways but if not, we may suffer the consequences of failure to appropriately act.

There are two different types of compensation we are speaking of here. One is physical and the other is spiritual, but they both have compensation involved. This is a process of learning. We seek spiritual growth. Any physical reward may be a bi-product of this, but this is not our goal. You’ve heard of the person who gained the world but lost his soul. We are after soul growth.

9. Law of Relativity

This law is about balance. We may say this situation or that situation is good, or we may call it bad, but, in reality, there is always some good with the bad and bad comes with the good. We must look for it. It’s best not to see life as all or nothing. As an example, we may view our past or the past of others as all negative or all good. There’s a little bit of both in everything. We can become judgmental if we look at life as only black or white. There are gray areas in life. We look for patterns of thinking within us that has little balance in it. Change is always appropriate within us to enable us to live a more stable and happy life. We begin to look at life in a different way to gain understanding of ourselves and others.

10. Law of Polarity

Everything has an opposite. If there is a negative, there’s always a positive. What goes up must come down. Let’s say we have found true happiness and we think it should be forever. Well, it does have an opposite and it will come in time. We set ourselves up with this kind of thinking that everything stays the same. Its best to enjoy the good times while it lasts because the opposite or a degree of the opposite is around the corner. But, as with the good, the bad has its shelf life. This cycle is called growth. We grow through situations. We grow in proportion to our spiritual health.  If there’s Light, there's darkness. One cannot exist without the other. We are here on earth to learn and be. God wants us to grow in His image and likeness. It wouldn’t happen unless we have experiences of both good and bad, positive and negative, and so on.

11. Law of Perpetual Motion

Change is perpetual.  Life is forever changing, and we and others are doing the same, changing with the world around us. Nothing stays exactly the same. Time is either our enemy or our friend. In time, all things become better, worse, or different. We must adjust ourselves to this premise or live miserably. Remember, change is inevitable, misery is optional. We can look at life’s happenings and events in a sad, self-pitying way, or we can experience growth and accept the things we cannot change and have courage to change the things we can. We have to know the difference of things we can change and things we cannot, or we live in misery. We can’t change others; we can only change ourselves to meet the challenges in life and accept the good around us and work through the trying times.

12. The Law of Giving and Receiving

This is energy flow of balance in life. If we are mostly takers or mostly givers, then there is little balance. We must practice giving and receiving. Some are taught through their environment they have lived through to be one or the other: a taker or a giver, but there are some who are taught balancing both. Genetics may also play a role in a person’s ability to balance giving and receiving, but environment, past or present learned behaviors and decision making, has a huge role. Some people may have to work harder than others to achieve balance here. If we take from others constantly, then we may end up isolated and alone. If we give constantly, we may rob ourselves by depleting our own energy. We are speaking of spiritual energy here. Life is give and take, it is a flow of energy, a balance of our own nature. In rough times, pray for balance instead of praying for a result. In many instances, we’ve created situations where we are expected to be the givers or caretakers. Some are expected to be the hero or problem solver. In other’s lives, it may be expected of us, or we expect of ourselves to take as much as we can from life and give little in return. In either case, we haven’t learned to give back or receive in an appropriate way.


Balance in life is essential to finding a comfortable energy flow. All things are connected, and we affect everything around us using each of God’s Laws. Become aware of internal thoughts and feelings. The decisions that result from our thinking and feelings may work for us or against us. It depends on our spiritual health, whether we are spiritually fit or spiritually deficient. We must choose.


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