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Message excerpts of 21 February 2021 Warnings

I know that around the world all people are dealing with the epidemic. It is there to remain for a while. It is biological warfare. President Trump has not backed down in keeping socialism/communism government out of America. In the heart of God lies the seat of love, faith, and hope. It takes courage and strength to battle out the negative sources of all shapes and forms. In the eye of truth, one finds the center course of action. The people around the globe are finding the truth is the battlefield for all nations. Time between the nations is running out of steam in keeping peace among each of them. Biden and his administration of leaders are not in sync with one another. There is no balance in containing peace among all states within America and all international Nations abroad. He is opening Pandora’s box of past policies that lived in the past and found no resolution in peace and order. He will force the economy to plunder downhill that will give cause for the American economy to collapse. His exchange with the nations is giving cause to weaken the dollar. Trade and stock and commodities are being split in means and ways to make America depended upon the nations. It is giving the United Nations control for institutionalizing a one world government. This alone will create not only war between the states within America, but it will create international war to break open in ways not of previous warfare.


My child the nations over the years have been preparing for this to occur. They have chosen their allies and they are finding within those they have chosen, they cannot trust. Loyalty is lacking my child. Greed and power is a domination and its domain. Biden is stirring a hornets nest. This will cause a reversal affect. President Trump had made America strong and independent once again. He created a flow of monies exchange to bring a balance in trade and stock and within commodities around the globe. He put policies in place to benefit not only the United States but to the nations. He took Americas treasury and made it whole again. He institutionalized international policies and agreements to give the United States of America its sovereignty, his goal of peace among all nations. Time on his clock to resolve conflict was a challenge of each day for him: the congressional party. He would not put America or the people in the hands of the United Nations. He would not be a puppet president. He is the President of the United States. (God still considers Trump to be the president.) The Democrats will not succeed in their investigation to censor President Trump. It will reverse on them. A divided nation America will once again be.


The immigration reversal of policies will most definitely backfire on Biden’s administration along with his changes and claims of Covid along with health and welfare. (Biden is blaming Trump for the Covid-19 deaths and has said they had no vaccines when he entered office and that they had to start from scratch. This was untrue. Trump’s team developed and was delivering vaccines.) His tax hikes will crash the economy in ways unthinkable. It will weaken America. The people in all nations will cry out for peace and have no place to turn because of the United Nations control and power and dominion over their trade and stock. The times of past is only going to haunt them. All nations leaders will have to choose their course of liberty, freedom for their people.


Earth Changes

International waters to each side of the Arctic will rise to heights of catastrophic conditions that will have an affect around the globe. Nature is a godly source for all kingdoms upon earth. The vortex in the Arctic is being tampered with by mankind and the scientists that causes ‘earth changes.’ Mankind is trying to control the climate which will cause catastrophic effects around the globe. All nations will be impacted by faulty means and ways to control God-given nature and its kingdoms to replenish itself.


World and US Events

My child America is in a turmoil in all its states. It has gone to far to turn back and offer an olive branch to one another. The corruption has spread not only throughout the government but throughout the homes of the American people. The conflict of power has reached a level within greed that the leaders have lost control as one body Congressionally and will divide among them as far left liberals and far right conservatives. The radical left’s mindset is socialism to communism party, one world government governed by the United Nations worldwide. Iran will fight back to international agreements that Biden has laid before them. The Middle East will break out in warfare with Europe. This will give cause for America to take a stand of war. You see my child piece is not at the table of Nations. (I believe this is speaking of the nations who meet at the United Nations to discuss world policy.) Upheaval of policy and agreements put in place by President Trump has been dismantled to place America vulnerable to the takeover by China. My child there is much unrest and turmoil to come. People will be held accountable within the US congressional Congress in both parties, Republicans and Democrats.


Let there be peace and may God prevail through the discord of evil that shadows its darkness to fall upon mankind. Eternally in the Christ forever.

Message 22 August 2020 at 2:33 PM

My dearest child of the Light of Christ from the Heavens above, the Star shall continue to shine its direction and path to our Heavenly Father God. It is I, Jesus, our Heavenly disciples, and Archangel Michael and Gabriel and all others, and our most Holy of Holies the Essenes that I bring forth with Me this day.

Our prophets went before me before I was birthed into the earth world. They so laid down the pathway of our Father God for His Son to walk through the lands of many cities and towns of Kingman and Queens as they called themselves. The earth world has come through the ages of time evolving within a collective consciousness, be it good or evil, positive or negative. Time has given the history of mankind’s evolvement, or shall I say evolution. My child I hold you close to my heart always. I know you see Me as One with our Father God. Understand that I know. Peace and unity are reached through attainment of worthiness and Holiness. This Holiness that I speak of is not religion nor based on religion that is man-made. It is of Supreme Consciousness, pure and whole in beauty, and divinity of the Holy Spirit, the Oneness within God. The world today, at this present time, is looking through the eyes of fear, anger, and anxiety. This energy that it is, is not of God nor through God. Mankind fears that which he or she knows not of. When you fear love, how can you know love? When you are angry and distraught, how can you know love? Love is not on a platter served to you. Love beholds happiness, beauty in all things. it does not divide nor kill. Love is divine order. Love prevails over evil. Mankind uses love for their own self-needs and wants. Love flows not within anger and its mechanical parts. Know this and understand that love is within the Spirit of Divinity.

I say to all people around the world: Open your heart to see clearly what is before you. Ask what you see before you; where is it that you come from, what is the name of your home? Seek the Kingdom within. The Spirit is where I am. (This line was written as: ‘Seek the Kingdom within the Spirit’ is where I am. Julie must sometimes write quickly and may have forgot the period.) For it is I who has gone before you to prepare a place for each of you in Heaven. For it is within Heaven that each of you shall receive peace and unity within your soul. Conquer the world with the Armor and Sword of love, of faith and belief, of wisdom and glory, and honor of the Divine Spirit that is Holy. My people, I pray for each of you a prayer of protection from the corruption of evil forces that walk throughout lands in every nation of the global world. My heart reaches out to each of you within glory and victory in overcoming the forces of evil. Be at peace. Go forth and conquer the evil spirits that are hunting over the souls. Eternally in grace and love, Jesus the Christ of God.

EXCERPT of Message 6 February 2021 at 12:55 AM


(REVELATION) America and its States at this present moment is functioning through chaos and shall continue because of the web that the people have collectively weaved. Some of the practices are deception. My child life is the collective force upon earth. Be not dismayed. What will be will be, but keep in mind that up on earth is constant change. It may be for good or that of evil destruction. The American government at the moment is control of evil destruction, a world of greed, power, and control. But there is opposite of it that will prevail in standing for truth, the goodness in life, the beauty of radiance, the collective forces of prosperity in all things. That builds upon itself its glorification.


(PROPHECY) Joe Biden resides in the executive position of president of America, the United States. His decisions and actions will begin to cave in upon him. He has surrounded himself with the people who hold in their hands and evil power to govern the worldly events of the United States and the international nations abroad. America was not founded on socialism nor communism. America was sought out for liberty and freedom. The patriots in America stand in this truth for America. (REVELATION) The war between the States began when Donald Trump accepted to be a candidate for the President of the United States. He ran to restore liberty and freedom in America. He was chosen by God to lead the people to the promised land of liberty and freedom for all people. It was not for personal gain nor was it for power or greed. He was shown that America was being taken over by the United Nations to be controlled under the executive order of socialism/communism. He, President Donald Trump, is the President of the United States. (REVELATION) The 2020 election was stolen by the United Nations power and control whereby they placed Joe Biden in the United States presidential seat to do their bidding. This action is the beginning, my child, of warfare on land in the United States. (PROPHECY) President Trump saved America and will not standby to allow America to be taken over by socialism/communism. The congressional parties are divided and have chosen their direction as I speak. The Republicans and Democrats are positioning warfare tactics. The people of America will come to the realization that politics within Congress is not happening, as always. America is being invaded now by the United Nations, a socialistic/communistic governed body. The wars of the past or the present day.


Look within your heart/God, and let the Light prevail over darkness. For each day is a reawakening of the truth. Eternally in the Christ forever.


Here is a prayer that was given to JD Cross on 8 May 2020:



Lord, we kneel in prayer to You. Our hearts are open to receive your guidance and direction to steering us away from that which is harmful. We open our eyes to see the Light of truth before us that protects us from that which is evil. We open our hearts only to that of the ways of goodness for all people. Our heart is open to receive You Lord Jesus. We are grateful for all the blessings that you bestow upon us. We know that in and through Your grace, all things are done. It is in and through You Lord Jesus, we are able to walk in grace and divine love. Thank you for Your forgiveness of our actions of sinful ways and for lifting us out of the bondage into the Light of understanding and knowing that the Christ is before us and within us and in and through You. It is done and shall forever be in the Eternal Divine Christ forever.

Message 15 November 2020

My Dearest child of the Light of Christ, I, or let me say, we see the horrific activity around the globe world of the earth. In and around the world of earth, a Band of Legion for the Satanic movement has created an allegiance to take down President Trump, his administration, and family. This movement was formed before his election [inauguration] of January 20, 2017. (REVELATION) This movement was stirred by Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the United States House of Representatives. She began her take-down of President Trump, his administration, and family during President Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign. (REVELATION) This Satanic movement was and is orchestrated by the United Nations and the elites of the world’s majority. This is the fight my child: Lucifer and God. (REVELATION) President Trump is God’s trumpet in sounding freedom and liberty for the greater good upon earth that Lucifer despises. The satanic movement has been since the beginning of time. It began with Lucifer and it comes and is housed by Lucifer. It moves and has its beings within the people of like manner. (The people think like and attract demonic influence in their lives.) You know this comes under and through the Universal Laws of God, the Law of Attraction. The Satanic movement is built on negative energy. Need I say more? My child this movement has always disguised itself behind the truth. It has its manipulative behavior to entrap people to fulfill its mission; the nature of the beast.

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